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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Read the Vikings!

Though oft overlooked by scholars, Vikings were voracious consumers of print media. In fact, the halcyon image of an American morning -- a young boy, peddling through the neighborhood, tossing the morning paper onto the porches of hardworking, American families -- was first brought into vogue by the Vikings, who used a similar, end-over-end heave to impale their battleaxes into the skulls of charging enemy combatants. 
What’s more, Vikings are credited with discovering the intrinsic value in the flammability of newspapers. Finding The New York Times to be too left-leaning in their politics, early Viking tribes took to burning the “Opinion” section of the paper each day, only to discover that doing so allowed for freshly-chopped timber to ignite more quickly, and to burn more reliably through the cold, unforgiving Nordic nights.

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