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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Knit Vikings!

Sometime in the middle 1000’s, donning the pelt of a recently murdered animal for warmth began to be referred to, within certain Viking circles, as, “So 9th century.”
In turn, these Nordic fashionistas developed a new form of clothing design that required minimal hand-to-hand combat with the wild inhabitants of the frozen tundra: knitting. While blankets were certainly the easiest and most efficient item to produce in the earliest days of the craft, many Vikings soon developed a penchant for knitting colorful sweaters for themselves and their clan.

Recent archaeological findings have revealed that design-oriented Vikings likely used the horns of their Berserker helmets as crude but effective crochet hooks, while even more recent archaeological findings have revealed that the yarn with which to knit the sweaters was likely purchased at the nearest JoAnn Fabric.

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